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Drivers Run is a driving adventure for people who love cars and love driving. We have events planned throughout the year. Our April Tour is a test of your skills of navigation and endurance. You will start each stage with a Target destination. There are several types of checkpoints. These are; Refreshment, Hotel, Sight Seeing, Dinner, Lunch and sometimes even Breakfast.

We will travel across Europe visiting great places of significant motoring interest, staying at some of the best hotels. We will have two awesome parties along the way and we will visit 3 superb race circuits where you will have the opportunity to demonstrate your high speed driving skills, safely. Awards will be given to each team in each category who make it to all checkpoints on the road and who have demonstrated the best driving skill on the track. There is no time keeping on public roads.

We will do our best to avoid unwanted attention on public roads by following these simple rules:
- Road stages will not be timed so speeding is unnecessary.
- The cars will have no numbers, sponsors or logo’s attached to them when driving on public roads.
- Two of the main stages will be held at night.
- We will avoid known sensitive countries or countries that blanket fine cars.
We will have mechanics with support vehicles following the run every step of the way. They will carry a range of tools to help with any minor problems and will be able to offer support and advice at anytime throughout the event. They will also have a full size flatbed trailer to recover a vehicle to the nearest stopover/ services where contact can be made to your European assistance. The point of this is to try and make sure no one is left on their own. We will always endeavour to do our best to make sure everyone gets to their next destination!
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'9 Capital City Tour' - April 2005
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